Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Crazy World: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

New arrests during the protests are showing an appearance of a Muslim group called The Muslim Brotherhood.  As i mentioned in my last post this is an immediate red flag.   The Muslim Brotherhood wants to oust the old government and establish a new Muslim regime.  New York Time's writer Bronner believes that this represents one of the most powerful political groups in Egypt.
While some may argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful group this does not diminish the fact that a religious group such as them may go to cease power.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions and allowing a Muslim group to take control is unacceptable as not only does this pose a threat to America but also this presents us with the more universal issue of separation of church and state.
Does this mean that the US needs to intervene?  Maybe, but any intervention would need to be very carefully thought out.  Aggressive actions could create another enemy for us on the other side of the world.  Perhaps by allowing the ousting of the former government to happen but ensuring it's peaceful transition it the best.   But at the same time whenever the us supports a foreign ousting it comes back to bite us.

Most importantly is the information of ties with Hamas which immediately end any possibility of this new Muslim group being peaceful.  If neither party in Egypt backs down (current leadership and the protesters)  extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood could have their opportunity to strike and establish themselves in the government and bring a more violent era to the history of Egypt and a large threat to United States and it's allies, namely Israel.


  1. Intervention from the US would only make the country turn more extremist. People don't want any intervention.

  2. the US should not get involved IMO. Egypt is a sovereign nation and it isn't the US's job to regulate or control their political situation. Once the current gov't is out, whatever faction comes to power next will be up to the people and if it doesn't serve the people's interests then another revolution or change is called for. If the people of Egypt want a dangerous muslim faction to come to power and cause problems for the US, that is there choice as well.