Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Crazy World: Egypt

Well that was unexpected, in the middle of a recession, in a conflict with Afghanistan and all the other s--t that's going down we Egypt decides to show up.   Julian Assange and his Wikileaks have fallen out of favor and for good reason.     Looks like we are about to have ourselves a good old fashion ousting!  Grab some popcorn and a soda my friends and watch this unfold.

First of all this is an America ally nations so things could get interesting.  Usually when an allied Arab or middle east nation has major internal issues United States could have a problem on its hands.  Israel for example is more or less friendly with parts of this government but this conflict could bring to the surface a more radical regime.  However intervention brings up the issue where America has screwed the pooch on helping and in the long run ruined things.

If this ends up only being a win for democracy then that's good but if some opportunistic groups try to sneak in and wreak havoc then we may have another Iran on our hands.   The less democratic leadership leaves but brings in a religious extremist group.

But this fight the power trend is interesting.   As we see in Thailand where a similar rebellion is going on and censorship is being used to control it.

I believe we are looking at the effects of the new internet generation getting its hands on what is know cheap information and gaining empowerment on levels that current governments can't control.   China is doing a preemptive strike with its powerful censorship laws, but how long can such a facade last?

That's all for now folks but I plan on bringing a more planned out discussion soon.


  1. As long as America keeps out of it, the Islamists won't come to power. Radical islamistic parties normaly come to power on an anti-american wave...

  2. Thorough article. Interesting to see the impact America has around the world, especially the obscure ones.

  3. Wondering what will happen in about 1-2 weeks

    viewed and followed !

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  4. I've been watching this closely. Al Jazeera's live feed is very informative for anyone interested. Google it.

  5. i've been watching this a little bit. i support revolutions in general.