Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Crazy World: Mubarak Resigns

An update here on the situation in Egypt.

Mubarak has resigned..

What does that mean for the people of Egypt?

Well the obvious part is that the protests and was successful.     However the interesting part is how we in America are reacting to it.   I am surprise toward the large negative reaction in comments and discussions about this.

The main mistake made is believing that this revolution will be similar to anything we have seen before.  One popular example is Iran.   Iran was a government that America drove to change.  The switch of power was not organic but manufactured and as we see in history, those usually fail.   Another example is the coups in South America, but again those coups were not by the people but by interested parties.  No clear revolutionary is the cause of this.  People claim this is a staged revolution refusing to believe that anyone can want freedom.  Many Americans take freedom for granted and can't understand an outright revolution against the government.

Also people who think Obama shouldn't intervene miss the risks of this situation.  If the American government gains a good name, as they tried to do by helping convince Mubarak to leave, then they may have leverage in case the Muslim Brotherhood (an overblown threat in my opinion) tries to gain power.  We can only sit back and watch.

Good luck to the people of Egypt!

Have any fears or opinions? share them in the comments.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Crazy World: Mubarak's Promise

Mubarak has announced that he will not be running for another term and will sit out the rest of his current term.  He promises to work for a peaceful transition of power and will not flee the country.
However this has not moved protester to calm down or to leave.  For good reason,  who knows what Mubarak has up his sleeve.   We could assume that he wants peace in order to pull a fast one on the people of Egypt.   They are saying they will not leave until he leaves.
As I talked in my earlier posts America has chosen the position to urge Mubarak to allow a peaceful transition of power.  They have talked with him and are pushing for him to leave office.  This reflects their fear of major intervention and of causing more problems by not interfering at the same time.  This will hopefully resolve peacefully with Mubarak not doing anything outrageous.
I am siding with the people of Egypt.   Mubarak must step down before they will leave.  I would not trust someone who has already been shown to not have the best interest of the country in mind and who is willing to even shutdown the entire communication system of a country down in order to remain in control.